Where magic happens


Magic happens when mind and a pen meets. Today its my two sketchbooks and a manuscript for the graphic novel i am doing with my friend and writer Steven Savile. Tucked savely to my bike. Another time and day its the digital wacom pen and my favorite softwares Coreldraw, Corel Photo-Paint & Corel Painter. Today i bring my sketchbooks and move my pencils newly sharpened edges to my nose. Inhaling the inspirational smell of a wood pen. I touch the surface of the paper, feeling the grain and paper fibers under my fingertips. I look at my sharpener i bring with me in my backpack. Sometimes i tell people i have my office in a backpack. I could say my studio but they wouldnt instantly understand. Office sounds more like work for most people. My studio and office is always with me regardless if i have a large studio place or an actual office. As long as i have one pen and one paper i am all set.

With summer already here and my bicycle ready to move, i tighten my two sketchbooks tight to my bike so they dont fall off the bike. I am heading off to a cafe’, coffee shop. I wont stay too long but enough to do some work. Then head back and work some more.

I hope its a good day for some magic with my pens and paper. Its a very good story Steve wrote. Beautiful story. Wish me luck

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, designer & artist

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