Why americans & Britts use Red, Blue & White in design

Why americans and in some way the Brittish/UK constantly use red, blue and white in their design are probably of 2 reasons. 1 being they love their country flag. 2 They are nationalistic. Nothing of this has to be wrong in any way whatsoever. But if I as a Swede would use Blue and yellow all over my design then it would only feel odd. And some would claim it to be nationalistic, and in Sweden that is just considered bad. Unless its a sports event going on of course.

I remember when I first did my military service many years back, there was no Swedish flag on every uniform. When neo-nazi groupes took the swedish flag and almost hijacked it, then the Swedish military brought it more visable to the uniforms. If I remember it correctly. It was a statement that the Swedish flag is for every swede no matter what background one may have or have not. It was a friendly and strong statement.

Now, using red, blue and white is a statement, and in many ways the american flag and its colurs is a trademark. A strong one I may add. The UK flag Union Jack may be strong as well, but probably not as trademark-ish as the american is.

The red, blue and white in american newspapers online, like the New York Times somewhat give comfort, you think you know what you get. And because its the New York Times it doesnt feel hostile. It just feels like a movie. When the same colour statements in the design is seen on neo-conservative media such as Fox news, then the feeling is slightly different – for me as a none-american. Unless its the Fox news sports pages. Fox News simply give the shivers of not believing anything on the site to be true.

When it comes to red, blue and white in UK/Brittish media it more give the feeling of “brittain” and nothing more to it. Funny who the same colours and sender give so different feelings.


Stefan Lindblad

Illustration, graphic design & art

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