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Why using Patreon when PayPal is enough alternative

I tried using Patreon. I felt it wasn’t my bag. And why using it when PayPal have you covered already.

Patreon.com, as I understand it, started as a solution to make it easier, more convenient, or maybe more of a art community feel, to follow and support artists, creators. And also for artists to connect with fans – Patreon. And Creators.

Patreon works fine for those who manage to get enough attention. And for those who manage to engage enough so that people like to support their favourite artists economically While getting content, tips and tricks and what have you, from their artists. Something “special” that isn’t available to others, the non-patreons. Like walking into an artists studio, although online. And that’s fine.

I tried out Patreon for an extremely short period. So short I never interacted with anyone. I put up links to my Patreon account. But then deleted my account. I guess I felt as if I was begging. And I am not much for begging.

But that was my experience and I would never criticise anyone for using Patreon. And I feel its a great way when it works.


If you ever would manage to get people to engage, and people would like to support you economically, I return getting the same type of inside info, content, tips and tricks and what have you like on Patreon, the PayPal is actually enough. And, you wouldn’t have to pay the transfer fees from Patreon to your PayPal. And considering PayPal themselves take quite a bit of percentage in transfer fees, it would save you some money.

Basically, the Patreon way is that you decide to pay once or on a monthly basis to your favourite artist. The same way you can do via PayPal, if the favourite artists had a PayPal account, and set up the subscription payment. For instance this is already in use by many sites and communities and services where you pay to be a member. And you can stop the subscription payment directly from your own PayPal account.

Ps. Subscription is not the same as PayPal donate.

In other words I believe Patreon have worked well in dressing up their services in a great way. Making it feel comfortable for all users.

PayPal all the same already have this covered. And probably other alternatives to PayPal.


This one I have on my blog section on my website, and in a column on my pricelist page. Simply so those who actually like to show support for any help they got, via posts on my blog and illustration pricelist, can do so. The ones who have got help, pay whatever they feel is OK. Most often the price of a coffee cup – hence the name and service: Ko-fi. “Buy me a coffee”.

If you use Patreon today and it works for you, fabulous. Then consider to offer the same using PayPal and Ko-fi.

Stefan Lindblad


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