My best marketing tips for freelancers

I was asked if I could share some of my marketing tips. I always try to use both traditional and new ways to market my illustration & design business.


So, in how to marketing yourself as a freelancer, here a few thoughts.
I always carry my business cards with me. And I don’t mind talking with people. That alone have helped me quite a bit in marketing and branding myself. Meetings in person have often show to be one of the best and quick ways to land a gig. It´s hard to beat. But meetings are not for everyone. And in todays landscape, personal meetings are getting more rare by the seconds we breath.

I believe in stickers and flyers. They are small enough to carry, put in an envelope and stamp and off it goes! And hand out to people working for companies you meet on the fly. And they show my design at the same time. People instantly get a feel of who I am and what I can do. So they serve multiple marketing tricks, if you like.

Yesterday my own printed design on a T-Shirt arrived. I printed it via the great service of Spreadshirt. It is a design with my comany initials and company name. This is marketing, and give me a great t-shirt to wear, now with spring and summer approaching.


With all social media around, I try to be aware of what is new, and what might work for me as a professional freelancing illustrator and designer. And suites my personality. Snapchat have never felt like anything for me. My blog, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook I feel works great in interacting with people and companies. Paying for advertizing can work well, if you understand how to write, and what to write about. If an image, video and text isn’t reaching the right people, and you don’t catch them, to maybe sign up for your Newsletter, or subscribe to your blog, money can be lost with no real gain. It´s great to get your name out there, on Google and various social media networks, but just throwing out a name, will take too long to win the interest of companies and people.

Marketing is also networking. Therefore, if you have the possibility to interact in Facebook and Linkedin local business groups, then do. Some might create a networking lunch for instance. and you will meet people you interact with on the net. And great marketing. On these groups, interact with people, by sharing your experience, helping out.

I like being personal in my tone, and still professional in my approach in all my marketing. I like to let possible clients know they can trust my abilities, that they get great service and above all great illustration and design. It´s all a package really.

Linkedin works great for various reasons, one being I get the possibility to not lose client contacts, when they move on to other employers. Instagram being image based, let me reach out to an even broader stage, beyond the most obvious clients. You never know who is looking.

My blog´s are great, because writing a blog lets me connect in a different way. I can write about issues and ideas in a way that feels, frankly, more serious than let say Facebook. I have blog articles that are many years old, and still reach readers, in a way Facebook wouldn’t do today in the same way. Facebook is great in the now, but less in the previous.

And blogging have shown to be a great attractor that keeps on giving.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustration & Graphic Design

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