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Caffee Nero is coming to Stockholm

In 2007 sat and draw this illustration, in my sketchbook, on-site at Caffee Nero. Right where Bayswater borders Notting Hill in London, England. That’s very close to Princes Square.

I asked the red haired girl working there, if it was okey that I drew her into the drawing while she was working. And she said yes. I sat there, waiting for Mia while I had coffee, taking in the atmosphere and sketching about.

I really like this drawing, it has so many fond memories around it, except that I drew her in the picture so wrong. In reality her cheek was smaller, her face and head was smaller. Her hair was big, but it is drawn way too big in my drawing. Colour of her hair was quite right.

Caffee Nero, British coffeeshop chain is finally coming to Stockholm, Sweden, my hometown.

And as it seems, to a shopping mall, business and sports area, very close to my home. It will give me more options to grab a coffee and work a bit. Often I sit at Espresso House café.

I will make a drawing or two from Caffee Nero cafes in town. That’s for sure. I like Caffee Nero.

Now, hope the local single café already here, called the same, Caffee Nero, will have no problems namewise now. They have been her a while now. Has nothing to do with its British name-collegue. I fear they will be forced somehow to change name. We also have ”Svart kaffe” café, which means Caffee Nero in Swedish.

Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator, graphic designer

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