Technical drawing for Bauhaus magasin in Sweden, © Stefan Lindblad.

My pricelist, with a short introduction.

The illustrator pricelist is based on my standard pricelist in Swedish currency and market.

A pricelist many illustrators and clients in Sweden have come to refer to on a daily basis.

My pricelist is a guidance, a help, not written in stone. I mainly work with fixed prices. My view is an illustration for a Magazine is better priced with a fixed price. And easier for both parties.

The Swedish currency/market pricelist

To work with me:

Easy and convenient via email & skype. Finished work delivered via sometimes via my store.

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Payment & Delivery

If your an established media corporation or advertising agency, final due date on invoice apply.

Pricelist – Rates

Hourly rate, Standard (My standrad gigs are fixed price based)

Editorial, magazine: 1 page illustration

Editorial, magazine: 2 Pages, a full 2 page spreed

Editorial 1/4 page

  • Euro €500
  • SEK 5000

Simple vingettes, magazine

  • Euro €350
  • SEK 3500

Magazine Front Covers

  • Euro €750-1000
  • SEK 7500-1000

Storyboard, Advertizing Agency, Commercial on TV etcetera

  • Euro: 170 + VAT / Coloured storyboard image one frame.
  • SEK: 1700 + VAT / Coloured storyboard image one frame.
  • Euro: 120 + VAT / Greyscale, one frame
  • SEK: 1200 + VAT / Greyscale, one frame
  • Euro: 100 + VAT / Greyscale, one frame
  • SEK 1000 + VAT / Outline, one frame
  • Euro: 300 – 500 VAT / Illustration in colour & in a layout
  • SEK 3000 – 5000 + VAT / Illustration in colour & in a layout.

Book, Poster and Cover Design
Includes both Illustration, art created and Layout, graphic design, print ready

Interior book illustrations,

  • Euro €200 per illustration. Small print. 1-5000 printed copies.
  • SEK 2000 plus VAT
  • Royalty according to standard

Logotype Design
Design, print ready, vectorized

Depends on text based, or text & image based. Small and mid-size companies

  • Euro €505 – 1010
  • UK Pound £445-891
  • USD $618-1236
  • SEK (Swedish) 5000-10 000 + moms/VAT
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LIVE drawing Conventions and events

  • Hourly rate: Euro €100
  • Hourly rate: SEK 1000
  • Half a day rate: Euro €400
  • Half a day rate: SEK €4000
  • Full day rate: Half a day rate: Euro €1000
  • Full day rate: Half a day rate: SEK 1000
Teckna live, liveteckning, illustratör

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