Om Stefan Lindblad på Svenska

Artist, Illustrator, and Graphic Artist Stefan Lindblad. A few words on how I work, music I listen to and places I tend to work at

The Studio where images and creativity live and bread. A universe filled with visions, transformed into drawings, sketches, illustration and graphic design. I´m based in Stockholm, Sweden. Often called Capital of Scandinavia (Making the Danes go crazy).

Based in Stockholm, Sweden. Work as a freelance, sole proprietor illustrator, graphic designer and artist. Often create editorial and commercial illustrations, book cover art and various designs.

I would say most of my clients are from the news media, advertising, book publishers but also various regular companies who either need a logotype designed, vectorised, illustrations and so forth.

Also train and instruct others in using CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and Corel PAINTER via on-site sessions to local companies staff, and online courses through both my own managed online courses plus Skillshare and Corel Corporation who hire me doing both written and video based tutorials using their software, as part of me being an offcial CorelDRAW Master.

My list of clients (view list on my swedish page) range anything from a local news paper, Swedish PLAYBOY when that was around, Gullers Group in Stockholm hiring me to draw digital illustrations LIVE in Gothenburg for French Transportation company TRANSDEV, their Swedish branch. At the Swedish Exhibition & Conference Center, for three days. The list of illustration work I do is long. Equally, technically it is either Digital on the computer or analog on paper. Also featured “Face” of Corel Photo-Paint.

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Photographer Licia Punzo

Places to work at

One can often find me working either at my home studio workplace, the comfy of my kitchen, studio place downtown or at any of the various local Coffee Shops in Stockholm City. Or other towns I may visit. Domestic or abroad. As much as I have had my own studios/atelier, I have always been a mobile working artist, digital nomad as it is called these days. Ever since I was a younger struggling artist.


I often listen to music when I work. Rock, Classic, Opera, Jazz, Pop, HOuse and Movie soundtracks. I have a rather eclectic taste of music. I just love the soundtrack from James Bond Skyfall, its crazy good! Batman Begins Soundtrack aint shabby either. Perfect music to work to. Equally, here a playlist I put together with a selection of old and new Rock and Pop music I often come back to.

Client work is great fun and pay the bills. Equally, with my artist background with art exhibitions, I learned early the joy of creating without anyone saying what and when.

One of those things have been to create and publish, from scratch to final, my own colouring books. Indie Published under my own Imprint Canvas Illustration Press.

Snickarbacken7, återförsäljare, Stockholm Urban mix, Stefan Lindblad, Målarbok för vuxna
The Stockholm Urban Mix colouring book on display at retail book store

Corel Corporation feateured as a users of Corel Photo-Paint 
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2010 published a tutorial article to multiple languages, for Corel Corp. in Canada, for their version 15 of CorelDraw graphics Suite X5.


– Association of Swedish Illustrators & Graphic Designers
– Illustratörcentrum
– The artists’ collective workshop Nacka, Stockholm


Corel Advisory Council member, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.
Beta testers, CorelDRAW Graphic Suite


Corel Quest for the Best


Featured in the CorelDARW X5 Review in the British magazine Digital Artist Magazine”, Number 7 June 2010, together with illustrator Igor Tkac, Igortshirts.

Featured Digital Artist Magazine”, Number 7 June 2010