“Ashes” is a wonderful little graphic novel, and you should read it if you get the chance!

Mike Nicholson, Entrepreneur

“Ashes” är en stark berättelse, illustrerad av Stefan Lindblad skriven av Steven Savile. Tänker på Paul Auster och hans bok “Den röda anteckningsboken. Magiska sammanträffanden.

“Ashes” is a Strong story, illustrated by Stefan Lindblad and written by Steven Savile. The Red Notebook by Paul Auster comes to mind. Magical Coincidences

Henrik Gustafsson, Swedish Actor

Ashes, Art is beautifully drawn Graphic Novel. I’m proud to own a copy.

Linda J.

ASHES, Graphic Novel

Ingram Spark Paperback

ISBN-13 : 978-9151970288

E-book, Kindle ASIN : B08L28YP1Q

Category: Magical Romance

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Ashes is a Story of love, loss, and letting go.

Ashes the Graphic Novel flip-pages presentation video. This video is specifically for bookstores, retailers and Comic Book Reviewers in hope to give a feel for Ashes. Please use the Password “Ashes” to view the video.

Stefan Lindblad (Artist, Left) and Steven Savile (Writer, right) , when having Coffee at a Cafe in Stockholm. Holding up another book, a Novel by Steven Savile

Listen to the Podcast

Listen to podcast or watch the podcast on Youtube from 19 November 2020, Steven Savile being interviewed talks about our Graphic Novel Ashes, among topics . Fast forward to 37:43

Ashes, Graphic Novel, Comic Book, Steven Savile, Stefan Lindblad

Ashes the Graphic Novel is a joint project, Indie Published by both Stefan Lindblad and Steven Savile, under their own respective imprints Bad Press (Savile) and CID Press (Lindblad).

Writer Steven Savile www.stevensavile.com
Artist, illustrator, designer Stefan Lindblad www.stefanlindblad.com

Type Font used for dialog bubbles, we used: “Might Makes Right”, created by Blambot.com / Nate Piekos.

Ingram Spark Paperback

ISBN-13 : 978-9151970288

E-book, Kindle ASIN : B08L28YP1Q

Category: Magical Romance

A few words how it all came about

Steve Saviles short story Ashes was originally published in an anthology. He heard that Stefan was planning to create a graphic novel for a Swedish Publishing house. With a new management at the Publishing House the graphic novel project was put on hold. Stefan decided to go through with creating a comic book nonetheless, a self published project. For the pure joy of it.

Steve came up with an idea over the phone: “This is a perfect timing to work together. Maybe you can have a read of Ashes”. Stefan loved the Story and for 7 years worked on the book off and on, always stopped by life, with illustration work for various magazines, book publishers and what have you.

Steve said: “Mate, you have free hands to make the comic book the way you like it. I just enjoy seeing how you interpret it”.

Year of the Pandemic – of all years – Ashes gets Published

Came year 2020 and january. Early the same month Stefan decided that this year Ashes simply had to be done, not daring to tell Steve, being afraid this year could be a failed year too. Stefan only told his better half Mia about it, working with Ashes everyday parallelled with illustration work for various clients.

In March/April – the year of the Pandemic, just when it hit Sweden hard in mid march – he took the leap to finally telling Steve, and sent pictures of Ashes in the making: “Hey, mate, check this out”. Everyday since then he worked on Ashes, drawing everyday.

In October of 2020 The Comic Book Ashes finally printed and distributed via Ingram Spark.

A few more words

Stefan Lindblad had free hands to create and interprate the story, and took it literally. Steven Savile added additional speach bubble dialogs and even a new scene not told in the original Short Story written for the anthology. Stefan felt he needed a scene, and asked if Steve could write a scene where the story lead character wakes up at a hotel in Prague. A scene any Tottenham/Spurs football (Soccer) fan would love – like Steve does.