Ashes the Graphic Novel published

Ashes the Graphic Novel I illustrated, after a previously published short story by my close friend Steven Savile will be available both as an Ebook and printed Paperback ( physical book), on Amazon and other online stores. The Ebook version is distributed via Amazon, while the printed paperback p ex inte and distribution via IngramSpark.

This has been a 7 year long project. Sometimes it feels more like 10 years. Every time, every year I thought this was the year to finish Ashes and get it published, life came and client illustration work took over.

Being a freelance illustrator self employed means paying gigs is very important, of course. And some illustration client projects, chasing new clients are very time consuming.

And in January I decided this year god damn it, Ashes would be made. In the midst of my body in pain, multiple leg operation, Corona pandemic and fortunately lots of freelance illustration work, I managed to accomplishe this one.

I remember how I told Mia I didn’t dare show Steve I was working on Ashes and I was moving forward with speed, parallel with client work, in the early spring, with a raging pandemic suddenly felt this was the time to send Steve an image of my work with Ashes.

Remember, I have every year talked about Ashes and sometimes shown an image for him, of our joint personal project, only to not have the time to continue. I didn’t want this to be the case again, this early spring.

But I was steadfast and focused. And showing Steve basically every day on what I was drawing was instrumental. He never asked me to do it. I just felt I needed Mia and Steve to constantly see what I was working on, everyday, by showing every page I made. Their support have ment loads.

And one thing that really helped a lot, actually, was my purchase in December of a Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and Surface Pro Pen. It meant a lot. Silly it may sound, but it have been instrumental actually.

The coming days you will be able to see this wonderful love story ”Magical Realism” come to live as Graphic Novel (comic book) over 65 pages.

I am very proud. Thank you Steve for writing a beautiful story.

Ps. We even have a soundtrack playlist available on YouTube. How about that! Ashes the Graphic Novel Soundtrack

Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator, Graphic Artist