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My own coloring book for adults: Stockholm Urban Mix.

Illustrate & Self Publish under my own Imprint: Canvas Illustration Press.

My own Colouring Books, Stockholm Urban Mix, and The Eclectic Colouring Book, mainly through Amazon and other Online Stores.

Since June of 2016, a selection of retail stores in Stockholm, Sweden, carry the book, too. Online stores Adlibris and Bokus in Sweden, Scandinavia. Since November 2017 it is also available as an E-Book through my own Online Store

Indie Publishing Artist , illustrator

Stockholm 2016-07-25

I actually love Createspace/Amazon. Print-On-Demand make it so much easier both technically and price-wise to come up with an idea, create it and then publish it. To sell Indie published books in a regular book stores isn’t easy, regardless how great your book is.

Especially not big mainstream book chain store. As a self publishing creative your basically on your own. You create, print, distribute and you market it all yourself. It is easier to get your book to an independent Book Stores, but far, far from easy.

I have been lucky to get my very first Colouring Book ”Stockholm Urban Mix” to various physical stores. And to one of the largest food store chains in Scandinavia – ICA. To be be precise a local ICA store in my neighbourhood, who just happened to notice the book in my hand and loved the book. And ordered it on the spot. And I were in the store to just buy an envelope.


If you’re a freelancer and Indie Publishing Artist I would recommend any independent retail store to carry your book. Even if it is just a teaser order. Small amount. Just 30 minutes ago I helped a friend to tell his neighbour where to buy my coloring book for adults, Stockholm Urban Mix. He went to the Book Store Söderbokhandeln at Södermalm island in Stockholm City. A small independent book store. This particular book store buy small amounts of books they like, by indie-self publishers. Very supportive.

I found that all these retailers carrying my coloring book, do so because they could see the book right away when I came into their store with the book in my hand. No meetings had been set up beforehand. Carrying a real book with me made on-the-fly meetings very casual and friendly.

One of the stores that bought my book, is the mayor food store chain called ICA. A local ICA store in the suburb where I live. Since end of September 2016, the ”Gallery Stockholm” store at Globen Sports Arenas and Shopping Mall carry the book. ”Söderbokhandel”, which basically translates into: ”Södermalm Island Book Store” bought a few copies as well of my first colouring book: Stockholm Urban Mix.

Currently only sell one Colouring Book, which happens to be mine. They used to sell other colouring books from regular publisher. Very happy they believe in my book.

You can read more about my book at Södermalms book store on my blog, here >

Book Store Söderbokhandeln in Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm Urban Mix, selling Colouring book by Stefan Lindblad
Snickarbacken7, cafe and Store, Stockholm coffee shop and design store, Stockholm urban mix, Coloring book for adults, Colouring for grown-ups, Stefan Lindblad

Shop. Store & Café Snickarbacken7.

My coloring book made it to Amazon and Retail Store in two weeks time.

Cafe and store ”Snickarbacken 7” was the very first retail store to buy copies of my first colouring book Stockholm Urban Mix. This Store share the same name as the street address its at. Lovely place in downtown Stockholm, Sweden. Just next to the Park Humlegården, Royal library, and trendy Stureplan area. (Since year before pandemic it closed down).


She bought the book at Söderbokhandeln and took a photo of the book cover in front of the cafe. The same coffee shop that I drew for both the cover and interior illustration in the book.

Occasionally I work with traditional, regular publishers which is still fun to do. The difference with self publishing my own Indie projects, is that it make it possible for me to quickly move into production. No need to wait a year from idea to production, like it would be with a regular book publisher.