Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2015


Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm Sweden. Once again I headed to the fair. I was invited together with my Mia by Artist friend Deborah House. I took the bicycle across town to Magasin 9 down in the Docks. Harbor were the art fair is being held. Next year rumours has it , it will be moved across the harbor canal to Nacka Strand. 

Weather was perfect and the trip through town to experience the art couldn’t have started better. Great weather and lots of happy people enjoying the town. Such a contrast to a world strike by war, famine and refugee and immigrant crisis. I wish all who arrive to safety in Stockholm, could get shelter and enjoy their life with art and happiness.

First gallery exhibitor a German gallery, coming from the heart, the middle of Germany. It felt good to say thank you Germany and Go go Merkel. Red Corridor Gallery from Fulda, Germany exhibit wonderful paintings by artist Leszek Skurski. His white and black greyscale paintings have a wonderful painterly drawing combined style. Can highly recommend discovering that art.

And then of course the gorgeous paintings by Deborah House. American artist in Sweden whom I got to know when we worked in the same studio, back in 2004-2005 when I painted my own paintings for my snapshot stories.

Like always she has a very fluid style with a great sense of the nature she paint in something that can be seen as both figurative or abstract style, all depending on ones own impression. Thank you Deborah for making great art and being a great person.

I also bumped into an old friend and college from my time working at theatres 20 years ago, Tom K. Having an interesting conversation about art and today current events in the world. with his mate.

Later met up with my former galleria Urban from Lorentzon Gallery. Like always showing good art. And easy to joke with and catching up.

I also bumped into not her old artist friend from 20 years ago and gallerist; Åsa Eriksson the artist and galleri Coloure. Åsa was there showing some of her paintings with the galleri. Gave me a wonderful book with her art, paintings. Signed it and gave me a vernissage invitation for her coming exhibition.  It was great fun to talk with with then about old times and today’s times. Flashbacks of joy.

As I was strolling through the various gallery stands, I came to stay and talk and look at photographic art. And got to talk about my old friend Kary Lasch. The gallery Linkin age Art Edition has get photos of great photographers from today and from the 70’s.  I enjoyed the meeting with the gallery owner Mia, talking about photography in general and Kary Lasch.

After several hours of taking in art, it was time to head back home. Bicycling through the town. As the sun goes down and the late night comes closer.

Thank you all I whom met. Some I didn’t know and some friends.


Stefan Lindblad 




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