Larrys Corner – Store, Café and webshop

Sometimes you pass around a corner and bump into a great place. It happened to me the other day. Its Larrys Corner in the corner of Blekingegatan & Grindsgatan (Gatan meaning street in Swedish) in Stockholm, Sweden. When I was 16 years old I lived for a while in the opposite house of Larrys Corner. When moving in, in a 2-3 minutes time, someone stold all my large size ink drawings. Size 100 x 70 centimeters. I told “someone” to stay put while I ran down, the “someone” didnt, and during the 2-3 minutes time they where stolen. On the street. Okey, back to Larrys Corner, a Store, Café and webshop. And plans to make it more than that according to Larry himself. Larry an american from Detroit, USA who moved ages ago to Sweden, now speaks fluent Swedish. Today is the second visit for me. Larry is a nice guy, owner of the place. If you have your ways around this corner make a visit. Have a coffee, tea. Buy a book, CD or t-shirt. Comic & Graphic novel lovers as well as writers will like the place. Great things to buy. Oh, and Larry told me that many from other countries buy books and things via his website, webshop. So if you find anything you like, dont hesitate. Here is one new item Larry just showed me. His logo, face drawn buy a swedish cartoonist Simon Gärdenfors, made like a small pillow. Size of a larger hand.

And do I have to say that Greta Garbo lived on this small street, Blekingegatan, before she moved to Hollywood.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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