Music with Amy Winehouse rocks too!

Sometimes it happens. A song, a string on a guitar, a soft touch on a drum and the voice comes through and music is played, and suddenly you get blown away and the artwork in the form of a great painting or an illustration becomes entangled in a drama, and they dance together in the creation of the artwork you presently are working on. I heard the song “Rehab” with Amy Winehouse the other night and Mia the women of my life whent and got it to me the day after and the song “Love is a losing game” comes out as one of the greatest James Bond movie song ever, without even being a James Bond movie song to begin with. I saw Amy Winehouse on the Norwegian talk show showed at the Swedish television and she and the band just look as great and sounded so tight. So why wait, go buy the bloody record and be inspired as I was and still am!

Frank Sinatra would have been happy if he had heard this. This is no crap.
And if you go to this link, click here>> then you can hear the song from one of her websites.

Stefan Lindblad
Artist & illustrator

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