New book ”The Game”, my illustrations

The new book ”The game” (Spelet in Swedish) by KG Johansson, published by Hegas publishing have just been released. Click here to be taken directly to the book>>

I made the cover, both layout & design, idea and the illustration itself. As well as the other full page size additional 7 illustrations in B&W inside the book. A total of 8 illustration and cover design. It was a real fun assignment. Thank you Hegas Publishing.

Text & review belowe from the publisher, Hegas.

The book’s story line:
John is playing computer games. He can sit for hours, days and nights in front of the computer. One night, he is being called up by an unknown man. With a great drama unraveling John is given a new game. And the game begins to change him. He now no longer recognise himself. An exciting book about mysterious calls, secret meetings and violent car chase´s. But also about computer games that unconsciously alter a human being. Young students at Nyhamnsskolan School in south of Sweden (Europe) got to read the manuscript of the book, and they thought it was one of Hegas absolute best books.

Reviews of the book also highlights the illustrations. Read below:

Musician and author Kjell-Gunnar Johansson has created an exciting book of high-quality, which should fascinate many types of readers. It is about John who one day is given a computer game from a mysterious man. He is drawn into the game and is stucked even though he notice that it is to kill terrorists, and the purpose of the game is to make the player into a racist. Then, the mysterious man likes to get back the game, and a threatening situation is created against John and his friend Sofia. Just as quickly as they are dragged into the game, I am cought by the book. It is well-written and has a great level of detail and clarity, with a large font and other tricks to facilitate the reading. The story is illustrated by the artist and illustrator Stefan Lindblad. It is scary images drawn with black ink technique. The author and illustrator deal with the very hot and always present topic of racism in a magnificent way. — by Anna-Karin Lindh, Bibliotekstjänst AB (Swedish Library sercive BTJ)

Already on the front page, the text suggests that something exciting enough will be done, which is also the case. It is a dismal story, and unfortunately quite lifelike. John (who attends compulsory school between 11-15 years old) by misstake gets his hand on a computer game, whose content is to take control the player’s thoughts, in a creeping way, to make the player into a complete racist, who hate all Muslims. John and his friend Sofia notice how quickly prejudices can be fitted with them, when they test the game, and they reflect on how such a game can control an entire people’s thoughts in a certain direction. The book is highly readable with short paragraphs, short sentences and simple choice of words. A few (7) black and white ink illustrations is well suited to the text. A book that gives an exciting reading experience, but also constitutes a great basis for discussions around the subject of prejudice and Lena Franzén, Bibliotekstjänst AB (Swedish Library sercive BTJ)

I hope those who read the book have as much fun as I, who had the opportunity tomake the illustrations and the cover.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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