Recovering slowly from months of Computer hell failures on multiple computers

Having endured several months of both my girlfriend Mia’s & my own computer hell failures since august, its important to pamper myself again. Enjoying the cafe workplace with a sketchbook and a brand new laptop that seems working. Finally it seems Mias computer hell is to en end. but you never know as her laptop havent arived yet. Being replaced with a brand new one as well.

Stefan Lindblad, photo editing, illustration, vectorisering logotyper,

Here sitting at the Espresso House Coffee shop in Stockholm. working on the graphic novel after a written novel by my close friend writer Steven Savile. A love story beautifully written by Steve, A joy to work with.

And also working on illustrations and book cover for a book about dogs written by Robert in north of sweden. Also looking forward to finish that one as well.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist, graphic designer

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