Services/tjänster på svenska

First and foremost I am an illustrator – and graphic deigner

I help your company visualize and explain both simple and complex subject matters via illustration drawings and graphic design. My illustration work is often seen in various media. Please feel free to drop a queation via the contact form page.

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Part from being an Illustrator I also work as a Graphic Designer

I create book covers and all types of covers, posters, logotype design and so forth. Check out my portfolio gallery in the menu for sampels of my work. And the ”CASE” in the menu to read and view case studies, previous projects.

The Pricelist

My official pricelist, especiallt the one in swedish language for a swedish market, have shown to be very helpfull for many of my new clients, and other freelancers as well. A well visited page on my site. Check it out under ”Kontakt”. It is a good tarting point. Dont hesitate to ask for a quote.

Question regarding prices, please view my official Pricelist in Swedish kronor, and the complimenatry in English, Pound and Euros.

CorelDRAW Training

You might also notice that I train in using CorelDRAW Graphic Suite and Corel Painter to various professionals who use the same software in theor own work. Corel Corporation named me official CorelDRAW Master, hence why you migth also see my tutorial and videos work for Corel Corporation. Skillshare is alos a plattform on which to view some online courses in English language, as well as my own in Swedish language on my own plattform.

Final Print, print ready originals – Vectorizing logos

Being aone who design and creates logos for companies and organizations myself, I have also helped a lot of the smae in creating profesional vectorized logos. IN case you and your company need this as well, contact me directly.