Touch Twin

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My 4th coloured illustration from The Eclectic Colouring Book 

I really enjoyed,  loved creating my own indie published Book.  I first said, this is for others to colour. But I can’t hold back now, it’s just so fun. My fourth illustration in my book The Eclectic Colouring Book, I’ve now coloured. I made the drawing in Corel Painter. I used Touch Twin marker pens…

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My 2nd coloured illustration in The Eclectic Colouring Book 

As i continue on my fun quest on colouring my own illustrations, drawings from my own self published / indie published Coloring Book: The Eclectic Colouring Book. Available via Createspace Publishing / Amazon.  For colouring I used Touch – Twin Markers and Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen. The illustration itself I drew in Corel Painter and…

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New illustration coloured, The Eclectic Colouring Book going forward 

Here one more of my illustrations coloured from my book: The Eclectic Colouring Book. For colouring I used Touch – Twin Markers.The illustration itself I drew in Corel Painter. And a wacom drawing tablet. Drawn from beginning to finish. Artist/illustrator: Stefan Lindblad (yours truly) Colouring: Stefan Lindblad You can buy the book via: The Eclectic Colouring…