When SPACE 1999 the TV show hit the screens in 1975

SPACE 1999 – Not the mother of all science fiction movies and tv shows, but between 1975 – 1977 SPACE 1999 hit the TV screens in England and Sweden. And probably elsewhere in the world. It was just before Star Wars made its entrance to the world, and while Star Trek had made its mark as a kid and TV viewer you couldnt ignore SPACE 1999. It was called “Månbas Alpha” – Moonbase Alpha in Sweden.

SPACE 1999 was not quality as we would see it today, but it made a huge impact to me when as a kid watching it on TV 1975-1977. – Then came STAR WARS in 1978 to SWEDEN (1977 in the USA) and I whent with my friends to Rigoletto movie theatre in Stockholm, Sweden.

A few years watching the scenography/set design of SPACE 1999 and Start Trek, they made its share in lowering expectations I guess on what to expect from Science Fiction. And though it probably was not the big reason why so many didnt fancy supporting the then young movie director/script writer George Lucas, I wouldn’t be surprised if it had been a reason after all.

But then as said came Star Wars and nothing have ever been the same again. Remember though that this was the sort people looked at and was taken by back in 1975 – 1977 just before George Lucas. Basically…

Compare for yourself. Trailer for SPACE 1999 – and Star Wars.
PS – If you believe Star Wars was first in using the perspective text titles think again.

Destination Moonbase Alpha – SPACE 1999 trailer, 1975-1977

STAR WARS trailer a New hope 1977

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist & graphic designer

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