Stefan Lindblad – illustration & cover design, “Allt eller inget” (All or Nothing), Hegas, bokförlag ISBN: 9789186625832

Book number 4,  ”All or Nothing”,  is out and on the book shelves, in stores and online. This is the very last book in this moped book series, about the kids driving mopeds.  The book is the sequel to the books ”Razzia (Raid)”, ”Stolen”, ”The only right thing” by author Leif Jacobsen From Swedish book publisher, and in swedish language Bokförlaget Hegas. More about the book on the publisher website http://hegas.se/product.html/allt-eller-inget-bok?category_id=10

The book ”All or nothing”, swedish ISBN 9,789,186,625,832. The book is labeled Easy Read and is can easily be read and as much appreciated by those who read so called main stream reader books.

I made  all the illustrations inside the book in B&W as wel as the illustration for the book Cover as well as made the enitire book cover design and layout.  This is a really good book targeted for boys but also girls aged 9-12/13.

I used my skecthbook and pens, Wacom Intuos , Corel Photo-Paint and CorelDRAW.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, graphic design



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