Big shot Photographer who considered to buy a drum scanner

I used to know a Glamour girl/fashion/advertizing photographer who some 11-12 years ago told me he was to buy a drum scanner – it would cost him 5000 euros, or in that area. And he was definitly going to buy a Mac. Period. He had just started to dabble with photoshop. And had an assistant who worked the liquids to develop his photo paper copies in the photo room.

I asked him why he didnt whent for a top line flatbed scanner instead, for way less money,  considering he already took his specially high end quality photo roll of film to a printer down the streat, for expenditure money his client already agreed to pay for.

He looked at me and then looked down and wouldnt consider to listen anymore to me – an illustrator who had a PC, CorelDRAW and a flatbed scanner. He didnt say it, but I surely felt it…

He still bought it. Recession of the time came, and many of his clients whent bust. And he complained of big losses of clients. I didnt rub anything in, but I told him to at least consider to take editorial photos for all kind of magazines/newspapers. He refused – after all he was a fashion/glamour girl and advertizing photographer.

He later moved from his fancy photo studio down the street, and we later lost contact as he stopped calling/emailing for a coffee.

I guess he still work as a photographer. The guy was really a nice guy, but that buying a drum scanner for his 1 person use only, that baffled me.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, graphic design & art

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