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Being a mobile worker, nomad, is natural to me

I´ve always been a mobile ”nomad” grabbing a coffee and working at cafés, hotel lounges and outdoor places. Computers, wi-fi and wall sockets, have made it so much more efficient.

A drawing I made from inside the car, on route to IKEA in Stockholm, 2016. Illustration, drawing by Stefan Lindblad

15 years ago, I was still like an all alone island among people who just looked at me, where I sat with my sketchbooks and pencils, markers – and my paper calendar. Today I still have those, part from the paper calendar. Together with my laptop, graphics programs from Corel for illustration and design, accounting & invoice program and office suite – and wacom digital pen. It all comes natural, and always has.

These days this is all very normal. As if it always been like this: tons of younger and seasoned professionals from all sorts of life and careers. Just hanging around and working like mobile islands.

Here an article from CNN about this very common world of today: Smart business hotels where work meets play

Stefan Lindblad, working, drawing, nomad, mobile, corel, photopaint, photo-paint, Espresso House Stockholm

There are countless hours and coffee cups I have had, at coffee shops/cafés around. Often I both read an article sent to me from a newspaper, magazine, advertizing agency – and draw.

During 2016 I came to set aside time to create two of my own colouring books for adults and all ages. In a Way they can be used as coffee table books as well as colouring them.

Some of the work I do, can bee seen in my two colouring books, self – Indie published. Stockholm Urban Mix. And The Eclectic Colouring Book.



Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer, cover artist



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