Canon doesnt create proper scanner drivers for 64 bit software – they dont care

Edit: Solution to this issue has been resolved by Corel Corp. with the latest CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6.1 Update. Go to and download the free download.


If you have thoughts of buying a new scanner from Canon, who claim in their advertizing & support driver download pages, it being Windows 7, 64 bit driver, sorry is not entirely true. You may very well be heavily dissapointed. Why? Well its the 64 bit TWAIN driver Canon dont support. 

Edit 2012-02-25: Here is a solution to the problem – a scanning Macro from Softbotz, read more here 

Or go directly to Download 

Now the article about Scanner manufacturers continue here:
If you have a 64 bit computer, using Windows 7, 64 bit, (very common these days) you wont be able to scann anything via your 64 bit computer program solely because Canon havent put any effort to create a 64 bit TWAIN driver. Only 32 bit. Remember, its the TWAIN.

You can see this clearly if you install your Canon driver, then go to C:/Windows/Twain. It will probably only say “Twain 32” or something in that line.

Canon have solved this, they believe, by demanding of you to use their own Canon scanner software MP Navigator for 64 bit computer programs. From MP Navigator you can set the scanner to open your images in your computer program, which isnt the same thing.

This is very irritating if you are accustomed to use TWAIN for scanning directly in your computer programs. There are many computer software makers out there who probably are already blamed, or will be falsely blamed for this problem, when its really the Canon Development teams not doing their job in my opinion. Why is Canon acting this way I dont know, but I would bet its money and lazyness involved.

I wouldnt be surprised if other scanner manufacturers like HP, Epson etc. are doing the same misstake as Canon, but I only have a Canon scanner so I havent been able to test this.

Today you might sit with a Windows 7, 64 bit or Windows 8 64 bit beta, or Apple Mac OS 64 bit, on your 64 bit computer – but you are using a 32 bit computer program. So right now you might not feel the pain. But when your computer programs become more and more 64 bit, you will see the difference and you will falsely blame Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, Autodesk, Apple, GIMP and other companies for not doing their job.

Do the right thing and write to Canon and other manufacturers and demand they make a proper 64 bit Twain driver.

Who knows, maybe the software makers come up with a solution of their own, but till then we who buy scanners will have to carry the burdon.

Stefan Lindblad

Illustration, graphic design & layout.



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