Chinese companies sending me emails – selling products, why?

Why are Chinese companies sending me emails?

Again today I received an email from a Chinese company. They sell scanners, clothes, and many other products. But why sending their emails to me?

Don´t Chinese companies read? Dont they make any research at all to whom they send business proposals too? Apparently they have no knowledge at all about me.

Today it was a Mining company, selling barite products. Reading the email It doesn’t look like a Nigeria letter, nor spam in the more classic way. And some of these companies have a website and their email goes back to their website domains and some seem to have a legitimate business. But the thing that is so odd and make no sense whatsoever is: why would a mining or other factory and manufacturing company be interested to sell their products in huge quantities to me an illustrator, artist and designer. Obviously they are not. So then why are they sending these emails.

I send emails myself to companies I like to book a meeting with and hopefully make a business with, but it is very clear what I want and what I sell. And I don’t just sit and send tons of emails from a address source. Spam or no spam it is a rather big business in sending out emails to possible clients.

Yesterday and today, I sent questions responding to their emails. One still havent replied, that was yesterday. And today I did get a response, but a very short one saying “Dear Sir, Thanks for your email. Perhaps, you ever has some articles about the mine. Yours sincerely, xxx”

Now either that is an automatic response, but it doesn’t really look like an automatic one does it?

Surely it would be better if these emails were sent out to companies who actually would have an interest in their possible products.

I asked in my second response to the above answer “because you are not buying illustrations & designs are you?”

Still no response yet.

To all Chinese companies: do your research about the company you are going to send emails to.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist, graphic designer

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