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Comic Con coming to town – Stockholm loves it!

I headed over for a visit to the Comic Con in my hometown Stockholm, and met artists, visitors and lovers of all things comics, artists, indie and big corps, actors, movies, games and the Cosplayers.

Me in the photo with three Cosplayers in STAR wars suites. For a good cause donation, at Comic Con Stockholm

The Convention Center itself, also working as a hotel, does looks a bit like Thors hammer, as you walk up from the shopping center and Metro station. Actually, from the E4 highway too. Even more maybe. It is somewhat a fitting place, for this event with Thor movies and games these days. But also a historic fact – it’s Viking history packed arae of Sweden. Between Stockholm City and Old Uppsala.

Comic Con Stockholm, Nordics

Kista convention Center, Stockholm. Photo Stefan Lindblad

I met my friends, but also wind up infront of great comic artists from the land on the other side of the pond. The Americans: Joyce Chin, Amanda Connor, Jimmy Palmiotti and Lee Bermejo.

In picture Jimmy Palmiotti and Joyce Chin, comic artists. Photo Stefan Lindblad

While Jimmy Palmiotti and Joyce Chin was hanging at their stand, Amanda Connor and Lee Bermejo was drawing, sketching Live for an audience of fans and people just enjoying the moment and great artists work.

Amanda Connor and Lee Bermejo sketching Live at Comic Con Stockholm. Photo Stefan Lindblad

I admit hanging around a longer time, and chit chatting with Amanda Connor, Jimmy Palmiotti and Joyce Chin. It made me feel I was stalking them. Lurking around the area. It sure didn’t help to reduce the stalker stamp when I this Friday got emails on my smartphone from an Art Director magazine client, asking about the 13 portrait illustrations I was working on for the same Magazine. It just made hanging around even more, feeling like a stalker. I do hope I didn’t scare anyone, like the guy who is overstaying too long at a party. I did enjoy the short chat nonetheless.

My buddy and artist colleague R Thomas Allwin. Photo Stefan Lindblad

Thomas Allwin have made a mammoth task with his Lady Phantom Comic of which he is the artist, and Julie K Taylor writing it. Thomas has project managed the Lady Phantom project with shows like this and Merch for some time now. And networking. And, and, and… Impressive work indeed. And his new exiting adventure in the works – “The Undesirables” a comic Thomas both write and illustratate himself.

Guys with biceps, Concept artists illustrators: Ilias Patlis, William Puekker and Alexandru Negoiță . Photo Stefan Lindblad

Also had a quick chat and visit with Wacom stand, Bengt and Swedish illustrator Peter Bergting. Which was fun.

Take the chance and head over to Comic Con Stockholm out at Kista. And why not buy a comic book or two. Like the Valhalla or The Walking Dead in English and Swedish editions. Head over to Apart förlag / publishing.

My entrance pass

Hope you had a great Comic Con Stockholm event. Enjoyed the fun. Met interesting people and artists. Next year is a new year of more fun. Till next time – have a great time!

Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator, artist

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