Comparing terms, names, tools in CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator

If you are a New user of CorelDRAW, and are used to terminologhy of names in Adobe Illustrator, here is a quick matrix comparing the names. Hope this help you in transitioning from Illustrator to CorelDRAW.

Have fun creating in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, the user friendly and professional industries tool.


Adobe Illustrator tool 

CorelDRAW tool 

Add Anchor Point tool
Shape tool . See To add or delete a node.
Area Type tool
Text tool . See To add paragraph text.
Blend tool
Blend tool . SeeTo blend objects.
Bloat tool
Envelope tool . See To apply an envelope.
Convert Anchor Point tool
Delete Anchor Point tool
Shape tool . See To add or delete a node.
Direct Selection tool
Shape tool . See To select a node.
Drop Shadow tool
Drop shadow tool . See To add a drop shadow.
Gradient tool
Interactive fill tool . See Applying fountain fills.
Line Segment tool
Polyline tool . See Drawing lines.
Live Paint Bucket tool
Live Trace command
Bitmaps Quick Trace command
Bitmaps Centerline Trace command
Bitmaps Outline Trace command. See To trace a bitmap by using the Outline Trace method.
Measure tool
Mesh tool
Mesh fill tool . See To apply a mesh to an object.
Paintbrush tool
Artistic media tool . See To draw a calligraphic line.
Brush tool . See Applying brushstrokes.
Pan tool
Path Type tool
Text tool . See To fit text to a path.
Pathfinder effects
Object Shaping commands. See Trimming objects and Welding and intersecting objects.
Pencil tool
Pucker tool
Envelope tool . See To apply an envelope.
Reflect tool
Mirror buttons. See To mirror an object.
Reshape tool
Rotate tool
Pick tool . See To rotate an object.
Rounded Rectangle tool
Save For Microsoft Office command
File Export for Office command
Scale tool
Scissors tool
Knife tool . See To split an object.
Selection tool
Pick tool . See To select objects.
Shear tool
Star tool
Star and Complex star tools. See To draw a star.
Symbol Sprayer tool
Sprayer tool . See To spray a pattern.
Twirl tool
Distort tool . See To distort an object.
Type tool
Vertical Type tool
Paragraph formatting docker. See To choose a text orientation for Asian text.
Warp tool
Smudge tool . See To smudge an object.
Wrinkle tool
Roughen tool . See To roughen an object.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer & cover artist
Appointed CorelDRAW Master by Corel Corporation.

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