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Make up words and borrowing words

Borrowing words are not unique to Sweden. But equally funny sometimes, but also a way in how languages evolve.  In english and Anglo countries they may use Ombudsman in lack of a word in english, so it made it to the English dictionary. Same goes for Smörgåsbord,  but in english spelled Smorgasbord. Without the dots above the letters as in the original Swedish word. The term and meaning being the same.

I learned that many ordinary words used in english language for 1000 years, are Nordic Scandinavian words, brought with the Vikings.

Sweden and Swedes are no stranger to borrowing words from other languages. We have been influenced through centuries by Germany, France and Italy, and of course from England as well. So much that we invent words that might not even exist in how they are used by the English and Americans themselves.

Flipper being the name of a character in a movie, but how is it used in Sweden? Here are a few, enjoy!

After work = Having a beer after work, basically
Backslide = Slick-back
Flipper  = Pinnball
Freestyle  = walkman             
Smoking = Dinner Jacket
Playback = Lip sync
Trafficking = Human trafficking, Sex trafficking
After Ski =  Après-ski                       
Pain riche = Baguette. But then who says Pain Riche in Sweden these days. 25 years ago maybe. We say baguette these days mostly.

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