Independent writer, Self Publishing writer looking for a Book Cover

Are you an Independent publisher or Self Publishing writer who is looking for a Book Cover made by a professional Cover artist, illustrator & graphic designer. On my website as well as my blog, I have published in my portfolio various samples of work I have done for numerous book publishers.

My skills in making print originals on paper and on the web are excellent, and something I do continuously. I have also written tutorials and held online webinars on the subject for Corel Corp. who is a graphics software developer. I have also held on site courses for printing and sign making companies in using the graphic software in their daily work.

I love doing book covers and posters, it is something I like doing both as an artist and reader of books. There is something special to convey a story in one moment: the book cover and poster.

  • My website portfolio with book covers can be seen here >
  • To see the tutorial on the subject Illustration & book cover design, read more here >
  • Various online Webinars on the subject of book covers, illustration and image editing, retouch  can be seen here >


Stefan Lindblad
Cover Artist, Illustrator & Graphic Designer

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