CorelDRAW & Photo-Paints new Preset Destinations in “New document/New image”

All new versions of CorelDraw and Photo-Paint (CorelDRAW Graphics Suite), comes with both minor and significant new adds and changes. Some new features are more in the advertizing and publicity campaigns on a release while others isnt. One thing mentioned a little bit but still not so loudly spoken about is the new dialogue: “New Document / New Image” in both  CorelDraw & Photo-Paint X5. In this dialogue  “Preset Destinations” is one of the new added features, which I personally use exensively.

Working with templates in CorelDRAW isnt new as its been around for some time now, but the new feature “Preset Destination” is. It works the same in CorelDRAW and Photo-Paint, but if I use Photo-Paint (PP) as an example then this is a very welcome feature, especially as you do not use ‘templates’  prior to PP X5 the same way as in CorelDRAW. All though this isnt a template per say its getting there. With the preset destination in the new ” New image dialogue ”  you can now save the settings such as size, while in the dialog, you make when creating a new image. And immediately call them every time you create a new image for example a repeat customer, like a publisher where an images always follow a standard for a certain book or a certain series in size and colour space. You can instantly choose which color space you want to use for this particular document / image, without changing the color space “default”. In this way you can keep your default settings in PP & DRAW while customize settings for the document/Image presently starting to work with. From there simply click on the icon “save” (floppy disk icon) next to “Preset Destination” and then “OK”. Next time you start your application, select the correct settings “Preset Destination” to work with. It wont affect your standard settings.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist and graphic design.

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