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How to Draw a Sphere with stars, giving a 3D feeling to a 2D object image

If you like to get a tip, on how to Draw a Sphere, a round object, with stars. How to give a 3D feeling to a 2D made object image, illustration, using CorelDRAW X7. I originally made this video 15 th april in 2015.

That is what this video and illustration is about. Working as a 2D illustrator and designer, I get to create 2D images, flat illustrations, that seems to be 3D. Images, illustrations with perspectives, angles. Adding depth.

Often clients say they need a 3D illustration or graphic, but they really do not need it made with a 3D program.

In this video I show one of many ways, on how to accomplish this: create, draw a 2D illustration, giving it a 3D feeling.

Enjoy the video. It aint long. But will give you some helpful and useful insights, in this matter.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer


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