Illustrators & designers: Attorneys, agreements and protecting your rights

One great thing of being a member of an organization for illustrators and graphic designers, is that some Organizations that are big enough, and this is different from one country to the other, help you with contacts with attorneys they hire or employeed. The Swedish org “Svenska Tecknare” for example have two attorneys employeed. And they, who are two women, are specialists in copyright and rights. And all that comes with it. Many organizations offer more than this of course. For example to get you an idea of how it can look like, here is the website link to the Swedish and then the Brittish equivalent . And the USA / american version. Start with Society of illustrators, in america And of course

One great thing with associations in regard to attorneys and help with writing agreements etc. is that they are on your side and know what they are talking about. Another thing of course is if you happen to have an agent. but they only sign up with a selected few. And useally the price tag for getting help via an attorney associated with the organization reduce the price tag.

All in all, look around and protect your own interests and rights. Don´t get paranoid, but know at least your rights.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer

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  1. Yes and it is unfortunate we need to protect rights. I had a friend last year win 10,000 plus all her legal fees for some artwork a company used on their web site. if they had contacted her they would have been charged 1,000

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