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Latest Cover Illustration, Resumé magazine

My latest Cover illustration, this time for “Resumé” magazine, and one for an article inside.

I had a blast creating both vector illustrations for this issue and article. Made the illustration using Coreldraw 2019. The article I illustrated, a 2 page full spread illustration inside the magazine. “Resume” is Swedens, and Scandinavias largest magazine for Communication, PR and marketing.

I love creating images, and getting the opportunity these days to have an illustrator action, this time in Vector, isn’t so common. Most often magazines have photo based imagery. I have done several illustrations for magazine covers. I hope the time for magazines daring to use illustrations come back, and is being used much more. Surely they will stand out much more at the news stands in the store shelves. It make the experience of its buyers, readers more alert.

Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator, artist and Graphic designer

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