Mimi, designer goods in London, a go see

My girlfriend Mia and I have just arrived back to Stockholm, Sweden after our trip to London, 8 days. A week field with inspiration. A week that will give me lot of inspiration in my own work with illustration and art.

In the weekend we visited street fairs around London, and on the route between them we ended up at a wonderful store, Mimi. Its a great store of locally manufactured items, designed by Mimi Berry. Its a must visit for those who like to either watch or buy anything from a wallet or a bag. Mia my girlfriend bought a purse in a red-ish colour.

Laura Francescangeli working at the store the day we visited the store, was very helpful and nice. She made the visit to the store to an even nicer visit. Dont forget to knock on the door to get in when passing by. Thats the way to get in. Knocking on the door.

Website address to the store is Mimi
Street address is 40 Cheshire Street, London, England. Have fun, we had!

(Picture show Laura Francescangeli who works in the store)

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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