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Caffee Nero is coming to Stockholm

In 2007 sat and draw this illustration, in my sketchbook, on-site at Caffee Nero. Right where Bayswater borders Notting Hill in London, England. That’s very close to Princes Square. I asked the red haired girl working there, if it was okey that I drew her into the drawing while she was working. And she said…

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Inktober drawing nr 3 – Roasted

My 3rd Inktober ink drawing of 2018: “Roasted”. Subject set up by founder of Inktober, Jake Parker. Thought of the election we had in my country Sweden, and other countries. We go vote and hope for the best. Sometimes we get Roasted and toasted. Sometimes we get god and almost honest govs, sometimes we might…


Drawing illustration of my local Thai food take away place

Drawing I made while waiting for my lunch, at a small Thai food kiosk restaurant, in my neighbourhood. Great place. It was very early, so two of the chef’s sat outside taking an early break. Söderort, Enskede, Sockenplan. Stefan Lindblad Illustrator & Graphic Designer Like my blog? If you like to support, click Coffee Banner,…