The Interview Series: Intervju med Silvio Win ( Silvio Gomes ) – in Santos, Brazil. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite användare & Beta Testare

Min intervjuserie har nu kommit till Silvio Gomes som brukar kallas Silvio Win, som driver sitt eget företag “Win Multimedia, Publicade e Artes Gráficas” i Santos, Brasilien. Jag intervjuar människor jag lärt känna genom Corels forum på nätet, och som likt mig själv är betatestare av CorelDRAW och PHOTO-PAINT bla. Och några av oss har träffats i verkliga livet.

Intervjuerna görs på engelska och jag låter dem vara oöversatta även på min svenska blogg, för att deras ord ska vara desamma som på min engelska blogg.

Your Name:
Silvio Gomes (Silvio Win)


Style & type of work you produce?
Graphic arts in general, such as creating and developing brochures, folders, small newspapers for business information, creation of logos, banners, packaging, ads for newspapers and magazines, etc.

I worked as art director at advertising agencies. Once day I was visited by a representative of an outsourced Graphics Bureau that showed me the advantages of producing eletronic arts. That was the day I met CorelDRAW 3. Since then I was not calmed until buy my first PC and get into “this marvel of modern technology.” Gradually, by myself, I learned how to work with “the thing” and never stopped.

What year was it?

I do not remember the exact year, but was in the early 90′.

Which Programs do you use, Corel and none-Corel programs?
The main tool is the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, but also Adobe Photoshop C5 (although in most cases I prefer Photoshop 6 – It is “lighter” in addition to being faster than the latest versions, and addresses the needs of the most common tasks).

Do you use any analogue tools in conjunction with your work?
I miss using pencil, eraser, pens, paintbrush, ruler, square…

Because the habit of the mouse, my hand movements became “heavy and hard”. When I need to draw by hand, to scan an image and finishing using softwares, is that I realize how technology can destroy the ability of artists and the naturalness of their work.

Which year was it you started your business, your work?
I started as a designer in a graphics printing company, in 1976. In 1980 I started working in advertising agencies, when I became acquainted with others medias. I was editor of advertisements, layoutman, created and directed some advertising films for TV and radio spots. In recent years I have devoted myself to working as a freelance in a home office (Soho), and two years ago I manage the marketing area for a business automation company.

Would you recommend CorelDRAW Graphics Suite?
Absolutely. I have not been introduced to any other software that can solve my tasks so efficiently and quickly as CorelDRAW. I’m a big fan of the Suite and some friends, in jest, usually say that I “breathe CorelDRAW all day long”.

What, more importantly, made you begin working with the work you do today? After all you could have made a career as a hairdresser or something in that line instead, like any other human being.
Since I was a child, all kinds of drawing and painting drew my special attention. I needed to understand how “that thing” could be done. As a teenager I worked as a clerk in some offices, but whenever I faced a pencil and a blank sheet of paper, there I was drafting “my arts”. The few I know today is the result of my willingness and interest by the profession, which I learned by myself over the years. And I hope to learn much more…

What is that you like with your work?
I like the process of creation and the task of doing itself. I am delighted at this stage, especially when meeting untried solutions. But, so incredible as it may sound, I do not like any of my works when they are already done. The feeling is that I could have made them better. The day I say to myself “here is my masterpiece”, it is time to be retired.

In an interview in the Digital Artist Magazine, who interviewed me a few years back, I was asked what I would like to see in future versions of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. Is there anything you would like to see?
Like any software CorelDRAW Suite is not perfect either. The resources that the Suite offers are enough to develop excellent works. I particularly prefer that existing resources should be improved and more stable instead new tools. There must be a limit. From a practical standpoint, nowadays people “need not be an artist” to produce an almost professional art. Simply having good sense of layout organization and harmonization of contents, softwares can solve “the hardest tasks.”

Do you drink coffee or tea in the morning?

As I am a typical Brazilian, answer to this question is easy: coffee all day long! Tea just for summer, very cold, with ice cubes in the glass and some drops of lemon juice.

What do you think is important to think about running your own business or in your line of work, to think about. Is it discipline or and something else?
For all professional business, and for practical life, discipline is essential. I remember the first day when I started working at home. I called my family and said: “You see me here but I’m not at home. I’m at the office…”

The comforts of home can be both a great ally or an enemy of your business. To differentiate when you are “at home” and when you are “at office” is crucial. Luckily, my family respects and understands the my different moments of the day.

For someone just starting out, what do you think they should think about?

First of all, make sure if that is even the profession they want to adopt. Try any profession only for its eventual “glamour” is not recommended. Sometimes I thought I should be an airplane pilot because it is a great profession. Luck of the passengers, I have any talent for it.

Is there any big change in how and what you worked with when you first started out. Have the business changed in any way?
Yes. I’m 59 years old and when I started, 36 years ago, the jobs I do today were more difficult and consuming longer time to be completed. The advent of computers technology, no doubt, was a great jump in this area of ​​business, but is killing romanticism and naturalness of the graphic artists.

Thank you Silvio, as always a pleasure talking wiht you!

Stefan Lindblad
January 2012
Copyright Silvio Gomes & Stefan Lindblad

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