The ordeal setting up a Sellers Account with Amazon

I recently found out that Amazon finally accept Sweden as a country to transfer money too. Making it possible to create a Sellers Account. 

Basically the reason for me to open a Sellers Account, is to be able to sell a self-published book, and print it with Amazon’s Createspace.  I have two current self publishing projects at hand. Amazon opens up the possibility to sell your own self published books. And work with projects of your own, as an illustrator – and writer. You can be very successful or just do it for the share fun.

But what is troublesome, is the close to monumental ordeal of creating a store and start to sell – and set up your Bank info and get payed. It really shouldn’t have to be so time consuming. I feel drained after two days trying. Mad.

It may at first seem easy and quick to set it all up. Then you start, and you see it take some time. Lots of time.

At this stage, it seems, demand I register with Payoneer to get my possible future royalties. If anything is sold that is. Maybe I don’t need Payoneer, but I don’t know. The Amazon seller support, well they didn’t help me much over the weekend, part from deleting a seller account I first set up at Maybe I shouldn’t have deleted that first seller account. Maybe I didn’t need it. I have no clue. No clear information tell me the Pro and Con. I still feel confused.

When I came to Payoneer after a ton of repetitive steps,  Payoneer won’t accept my exact street a dress.  So what to do. Call support. And hope for the best. I just experienced help from seemingly young adults at Amazon Seller account support who try their best,  but they of course follow a script.  And when they helped me, well I suspect they get paid by how many support cases they solve, and not how much support and advice they offer.

Sigh, I will continue tomorrow.

Stefan Lindblad

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