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Unleashed CorelDRAW DVD ends publishing with X6 – according to Foster D Coburn.

When I started out using CorelDRAW Graphics Suite in 1997, there was, and still is, an official Corel newsgroup forum for CorelDRAW and Photo-Paint users. Read and found via a email client such as Thunderbird (then Called Netscape Navigator mail) and Outlook Express from Microsoft. Mozilla took over all remains of Netscape and turned it into Mozilla. Basically.

But around that time internet was hype beyond belief and I needed a software package that could solve all my problems for illustration and design. I had dabbled with Photoshop at that around 1995-1997, but found the savior package from Corel.

And quickly after that I found the Corel Newsgroups. Many people were lurking around those very helpful forums, one of them unfortunately is today dead Graham Standage. He was very helpful and I learned lots from his kind tips and guidance. And then there were Coreldraw Guru Tony Severenuk, David Millisock who I kind of found little later and so forth. Michael Cervantes chapter about printing in the Coreldraw 10 official guide book neither to forget. And Steve Bain the author of ”Special edition Coreldraw 9″ Que books. and ” Coreldraw 10 official guide” book. Books i read and used like precious bibles on the subject. Loved them!. Up until 2007 when community forum hit the stage and became as great as it is forum wise, the newsgroups was king. And among those other great people I learnt lots from was Foster D. Coburn.

These days Foster and I have met in real life in Phoenix Arizona. And we still have contact.

Yesterday Foster officially announced his PUBLISHING and WRITING of his CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 Unleashed DVD will be his last. According to Foster the best he has ever written. This of course is no fun thing to read about. Foster will find new ways and directions, and who knows Foster you may return with the DVD´s! But regardless he is still a CorelDRAW GURU. And a well-known person and instrutctor in the world of CorelDRAW.

Foster and Unleashed writes the website and recourses will still be around so its thank god not a stop and delete anything. So his blog and websites will still be around as I understand it and that is very welcome news for a lot of people out there relaying on Fosters daily posts and instructions about CorelDRAW.

Buy the great products from Unleashed Productions here

Keep it up Foster, it will go well for you whatever you pursue from here.
Talk to you later!

Here you can read the interview I made with Foster

And here you can read about the illustrations I made for Foster and his Unleashed Productions


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer



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  1. Sad news indeed for me personally and the Corel community as a whole. Foster’s insight with Corel has been a tremendous asset for every Corel user for many years.

    I have been reading Foster’s Unleashed books for many years now. I believe my first book was for Corel V6 that I bought at Barnes & Noble back in the day. I even had the honor of contributing to his X3 Unleashed and was an Expert at his Unleashed User Conference in Phoenix back in 2007 I think it was. May have been 2008.

    I have learned so much about CorelDRAW through Foster and is site & products. The Unleashed Boot Camp is a great source for learning and networking. I attended the X3 Boot Camp back in 2006 I believe it was. Even though I was already pretty well versed with Corel, I learned quite a lot at the camp. I also had the pleasure of meeting Tony Severenuk & David Bukurak of Corel Corporation for the first time at the camp. We have stayed friends ever since.

    Foster’s site continues to offer tons of info and support for CorelDRAW users and I will continue to promote his site until it is shut down. Hopefully that will never happen.

    Foster came to Jacksonville a couple months ago to do a personal training session with a company that uses DRAW for cutting vinyl for placement on airplanes. I took Foster to a local Restaurant & Bar, Billy’s Boathouse Grill located on the Intracoastal Waterway , Marker 32, for some food and live music. My father’s rock & roll band was playing that night and we had a blast.

    Best wished to Foster, ”The Geek from Cave Creek”, on his new adventures.

  2. Agree Richard, it is sad Foster call it quits writing the books. He has always been there with his CorelDRAW books, website and help. Foster invited me to the very Boot Camp in Phoenix you attended as a ”master”. I was on my third trip to USA and Arizona for a month December 2007 – january 2008. He understood I couldnt make it with another trip to Arizona that same summer. Too much work and personal engagements. I wrote about his Boot Camp on my blogs in English and Swedish. Here the blog post on this english language version.

    But who knows, he might get back in the race again. Even if he himsefl says no today. I hope he have fun with whatever business he decides to do in the future.

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