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What will the young all become


Interesting to watch all different teenagers coming from a school nearby. I am sitting at a bench at a square where tram trains and the local bus come and go. Cars going by and people on bicycles. Some on a skateboard. It is late summer in august in Stockholm. We all enjoy these last weeks of summer for this year. The autumn have already arrived high up in the country. We are looking forward to the approaching fall and wonderfully coloured leafs. Some of use have started to wear jackets. Some still in t-shirts. During the day it aint cold.

I am having a quick-lunch with two small bread and drink yoghurt with mixed berries, 500 gram. Bought at Lidle supermarket. All these personalities these teenagers have. What will they all become. Some arty while some sporty. Some yell. Some starts to dance silently while one sings at the same time. All as if they were in some sort of movie. Some try looking cool while others mysterious  Next to me sits a couple with a new-born. And we talk and  giggle and wonder the same. What will they all become.

Stefan Lindblad
Artist, illustrator & graphic designer.

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