Call me cranky – but smokers at cafés in the morning?

Call me cranky if you like, but smokers at cafés in the early morning at cafés can really make the mornig coffee and start of a workday to be awfully less enjoyable. I dont care if its going to be illegal to smoke outdoors at public spaces. I wont be your “Moliere” to have the right to blow smoke into my face.

As I sit at a outdoor café enjoying the morning with coffee as I write this having a sandwhich and a cardemum bun, looking at the passers by heading to their work. Reading the morning paper on paper and online. Preaparing myself for a new working day

Then comes the smokers. Arrgh.

Both a he and a she pics up their cig package and breathe in their first smoke, hold it for a second and then blows out the smoke.

They enjoy and I, well I sit and cough, and cough again. Telling myself its a free world. When I cough again the smokers dont give a fuck and inhale and exhale their toxic smoke once more.

Living in a city you learn that you have to respect others – but smokers they are like drug adicts – they close their mind to the outside world, neglects it and just go “me, me, me”.

Perfectly nice people going very egoistic and self centered when they smoke. Talk about double nature.

“Oh boy, here comes another one, fuck!”

Stefan Lindblad

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