Computer software tools – nothing new under the sun.

Illustration Stefan Lindblad 2004 copyright.

We are a bunch of four illustrators and one journalist charing a studio, door entrance towards the street, and we sat and worked as useal. Everything had a nice little laid back atmosphere. Then a man stumbles in through the door, nice, but still runs, stumbles in and cryies out: ”Aaaah! god dam it, its wonderful to see that someones still only work with pen an paper, no computers at all! Computers are crap!” Pardon, I said. ”Well I saw through the windows and came to the conclusion that you dont use computers here” Eh, hm that is not true I am afraid. We use computers all day, its only that you dont see them through the window. ”Okey, but they dont have a soul” he continued crying out.

I probably made him even more sad when I said I like my computer and my software, in this case my CorelDRAW Graphic Suite, and my Wacom digital pen. And that it doesnt take away the soul of my work, those days the universe is with me. And the traditionel pens and papers, crayons and so on has not disappeared. Believe me, the computer brings freedom in my work 😉

Nothing of what I said matter to this guy. No meaning trying.

I always carry with me my sketch book and pens in my bag every day. They are my best friends. The same for my creative digital tools.
Wy are people reacting like this? Becouse of fear for the new? Becouse of a feeling of lack in themselves? The unknown?

Reminds me a little of art exhibitions I´ve had and visitors I have never met before aproach me, when I ´ve exhibit figurative painting, and said: ”THIS is real art!” Not fun for me to hear. The fact I really think my art IS real art has nothing to do with it.

I love all my wonderful tools!
Me prefering Corel´s graphic suite instead of Adobe´s is a totally different thing;-)
And not to forget the Cretacolor pencils and Faber-Castell´s Pitt artist pen to just mention a small few.

Stefan Lindblad

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