Countries who again fail to save people of Libya?

I am just an ordinary citizen of Sweden. In the north of Europe, Scandinavia. The old country of the Vikings.

Watching the live broadcast news I am appalled by the seemingly total lack of leadership by the countries in the UN Security Council. I am also ashamed by how little my own Swedish government is doing. Because I haven’t seen much happening here either. They seem to do absolutely nothing to help the struggling people of Libya. Things may be happening as I write this, I just feel a new Rwanda is coming closer. I so remember when people were fleeing Bosnia and Croatia as the war in the 90´s was going on. With refugees arrived here, coming to the local regular café of mine at Nybrogatan, Östermalmstorg, were I took my breakfast from time to time. Hearing stories told to me by people who experienced them themselves. It was a very surreal experience in a way. They could have just arrived froma war zone madness and then sitting with me having a coffee. Talking with me a complete stranger. Telling me how they fled the canons and bullets – and death.

Here we have the awful Gaddafi family and the people supporting them, who for 40 years have constantly tortured and harassed, and now slaughtering its own people. Ghaddafi and his gang is every day bombing his own countrymen while telling them they should dance and be happy, instead of fighting him. Saying the people of Libya loves him. And this simply because they object his way of ruling. UN are member countries combined, who are there supposedly working for peace. And UN Security Council are countries representing not only their own countries but all of us, and who are there to protect and work for all peoples rights.

This time  around I don’t think its the USA, UK or French governments who are opposing helping Libya. Well there will always be one or two people who oppose, but on a larger scale I dont think so. But they still have to wait to get all countries in the Security Council to agree on a no-fly zone. Soon though there will be no need for it as Satan’s appointed – Ghaddafi have killed every opposition. While the world have sit and waited doing nothing. The Arab league, a set of Arab countries have supported a no-fly zone. Now why dont we see any action?

If Ghaddaffi and his gang win over the opposition in this fight, by slaughtering his own people, and take back control over all towns in Libya once again, then what? Is it business as usual?

With what kind of blood on their hands will these few countries politicians and business men be wearing afterwards? Is it Russia and China who are against it all? Or are there more countries against it? Why isn’t anything happening. What more do they need to make a decision?

Now, which countries are in the UN Security Council this year, blocking the rescue of innocent people from being killed and slaughtered. And saved from their 40 year long brutal dictator. What lack of leadership is hindering another human catastrophe. Who are these people?

Permanent members
United Kingdom
United States

Non-permanent members, but members of 2011
Bosnia & Herzegovina
South Africa

I wonder which of these countries are against the so called no-fly zone. I wonder what triggers them to object a no-fly zone. I wonder why they hinder the safety of innocent people being bombed and ripped apart and killed by their own so called government. I wonder what their fear and own agenda is based on to object the saving of innocent people being slaughtered.

How will I as a citizen of the earth we all live on, look upon these countries. I wonder. What are the people, citizens of these countries doing to tell their governments to act? Or do they simply not care? Will it again become another Rwanda?

Interesting to see and surprising as well are the different countries own history.
Some media in my own Country Sweden say its China and Russia who are against and stop the no-fly zone to come in to action. I am just an ordinary person. And I just wonder why once again the people who are their to supposedly govern lacks once again.

Some people will cry out that the west is only there if there is oil involved. To me regardless of oil or no oil, the people should get help to survive.

Stefan Lindblad

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