Drawing a portrait of Jean Reno

Drawing, illustration portrait I made of Jean Reno, one of my favorite actors. French, Spanish parents and born in Morocco. What´s not to like about him, really.

This illustration is part of my own project of drawing portraits of known people. For my own website.

In August this year, 2018, a magazine client will publish similar style illustrations, of portraits I have drawn of people being interviewed.

I first saw Jean Reno, of course I has to say, when watching the movie ”The Big Blue”. But fortunately Jean Reno started in many great movies since then. He can play cool, tough, gentle and with humour. Everything really.

His face is also very interesting to me. All emotions I mentioned that he can show on the Silver Screen, is shown in his face. It’s an interesting face that show the person has been around, experienced and felt a lot of emotions.

Hope you, Jean Reno, if you ever get to see this drawing I made, enjoy it. It was great drawing your portrait, even if we never met. That’s often the way for me as an illustrator – not always meeting in person the one I am to draw.

More read about Jean Reno’s work at IMDB

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