Daler-Rowney, an artist & illustrators best companion

When I first stumbled upon Moleskin sketchbook called Plain Journal I liked what I saw and loved to use it. At that time I found it just before it became such a hype around it here in Stockholm, Sweden. Moleskine Plain Journal is a great product and they make tons of fun and useful books to sketch, draw, paint, write, compose and plan the days in a calender. And which Moleskine user havent fell in love with the little leaflet telling even Picasso use to use Moleskine, I have! Its called story telling – and as its best.

All though I have bought several Moleskin Plain Journals to draw & sketch in, and even used their calender, still the companion that have affected me the most through my artistic life, since I was a kid, a toddler even is – Daler Rowney sketchbooks and pencils. No downtalk about Moleskine, only Daler-Rowney came before Moleskine came infront  of me.

After having painted with oil colours since age 16 with preferably Swedish oild colour maker “Beckers” and a French and one Italian label – suddenly I bought a few tubes of acrylic colours “CRYLA” from Daler Rowney around 2005. Late discovery maybe, but what a find it was. The Cryla acrylic colour and I had a love affair, and I came to paint a whole series of acrylic paintings inspired by my trips made to Arizona, USA 2003/2004, painted in 2005-06 and onwards.

The same thing with the Sketchbooks and Pencils from Daler Rowney. They are always there at hand. Be it in in Sweden, England or Sedona, AZ in USA. They are there. I still have a sketchbook unused yet from Daler-Rowney bought in London, England at Cass Art at Kensington High Street –a nice litte art supplie store, where I also bought a delicate little box of pencils I still look at with joy. A little gem, a treasure.

No its not religious or fanatic even, like many Moleskine users out there seem to regard their Moleskine as- a religious cult. No the Daler-Rowney art supply is the perfect companion, friend, lover an artist and illustrator may need. They are there when you need them.

Thank you Daler-Rowney for making great art supplies!


Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, art & graphic design

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