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Dog owner reality

Good thing of being a dog owner – you always go out regardless of weather….

Yep, rain, slightly cold dark night with thick heavy clouds placing a lock over the town. I’ m heading out with the car just south of the city borders, where it’s even darker. And cows and horses roam about – except tonight. During the nights they are are indoors this time of year.

Illustration, sketchbook drawing, Stefan Lindblad

You hear the drama I present? Yep, it’s tougher now, than just one and a half to two months ago, when bright skies still kept sun from going down. And snow was at arms length. Now the white snowflakes have begun to cover the land. Soon in my part of the country also.

Not trying to be a poet, so I will head out, and not make this a procrastinating opportunity of actually doing something, to avoid to do something, like walking our dog.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & Graphic Designer

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