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Font Pairings Contrasting that works Together

You have a project to design, and you like to use at least two different fonts that simply works nicely together – Font Pairing. I found a helpful article on the subject.

Working myself with posters, book covers and using type faces in my illustration work, I know how you can feel when you get stucked, in either not knowing which font works together with another font, or having a temporary brain freeze. And creativity takes a break for a while. That´s when its good to have a sort of Font Pairing Guide.

Tip with tools to use

I often use The Font list and its font filter in CorelDAW, and browse through my installed fonts and uninstalled fonts viewable via the Corel Font Navigator. But sometimes that isn´t helping. I then usually do two things. One being to simply drag a few fonts that are different in style, sans and sans-serif, decorative and so forth. But sometimes that ain´t helping either, and that´s when I try the CorelDRAW Docker feature called Font Playground, which is similar to the above, but constrained in a docker.

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But – again – when that doesnt help my creativity feel the juices, and a tripple espresso with a tad milk aint helping either, I turn to the great stand alone program in Corel Font Manager, which is also available as a Docker feature.

And then, if that isn´t working either – and everything feels like after lunch on a Friday – I go online and browse covers and posters on Bing images or Google Images, checking my books at home shelves, and start to look at how others have done. But, sometimes not even that works. And now it really starts to feel like a client behind my neck, 2 minutes before deadline and i haven´t even started – stress level is on overdrive. Its after lunch on a Friday and more specifically its 16:58 and the client probable left the office building, that´s when a Font Pairing Guide is helpful.

The helpful article link

You can either create one of your own, to have it at hand right away, or read this article I came by on the magazine website Creativebloq.com – Font Pairing. It presents a nice set of informtion on how to think, and image suggestions on which and how to pair those fonts and typefaces. Very helpfull.

Hope this helps.

Stefan Lindblad

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