Held my Storyboard Webinar for Corel, prepared myself earlier

Earlier tonight Swedish Local time, equals lunchtime in Ottawa, Canada, I held my webinar for COREL about Storyboard. It was great fun and of course a bit nervous just before I went LIVE.

I always connect with Cecile Brosius from Corel just before we go online and we quickly get a chat and I prepare myself, fixing with my notes. I listen to her presenting the webinar to the audience who sits literally around the world in different time zones. From India, to Europe to the American continent. Its around the world. While Cecile moves on to introduce me, I place my hands on my Wacom Intuos 4 tablet. See to that the cord is connected with my Laptop. And that both CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT and my files to be used for the webinar is up and running. I loosen up my shoulders and neck a bit. Stretch the neck muscle. Had just sipped a glass of water, refreshingly good. I look at the coffee cup. I see there is some coffee left. I take a quick sip of it.

I get a quick flashback on how I thought about this webinar already in december 2012 when I was in Ottawa, Canada sitting at the lounge at the Marriot Hotel in Downtown Ottawa. Making a few notes about the webinar already then. But at that time I didn’t have time to go into details. Now more than a month later its on and it´s LIVE.

She says my name to everyone and welcomes me. I click a button and my computer screen goes LIVE for everyone attending the webinar.

It’s almost as if I would go on stage on a theatre.
Many years back I used to work extra in the evenings at theatres back stage so I see the resemblance. But this time I am not behind a stage, I am sitting at a chair. Its warm and the computer looks straight at me.

Stefan Lindblad cafe Corel webinar Storyboard 2013
Stefan Lindblad, at local café in Stockholm, Sweden preparing for the Corel Webinar, CorelDRAW Master on Storyboard

Earlier today I whent to a local café nearby at a shopping mall. Took a walk in the thick snow. Had my computer, Wacom Inutos 4 and my sketchbook with notes with me. Making the very last preparation for the evenings webinar. I chit chat via twitter a bit with fellow illustrator Andy in the UK. who says he will attend.

Thank you everyone who attended the webinar and thank you to Corel. As always I liked the Q&A in the end.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & Graphic Designer




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