I always find a reference & listeners feeling confused. The story about tribe of Dan and the bumblebees

I guess you can’t call yourself a renaissance man. That’s for others to judge. But if you like myself see references from all directions of life, when discussing a topic, then here is my references of today.

As I read the sports pages this morning about swedish football player John Guidetti signing for the football club Celta Vigo in Spain,  I made a quick search on the town Vigo. I found that Vigo is in the Spanish autonomy Galicia region. ( There is a great Galicia Spanish designer illustrator there named Maria Lopez Lopez).

Galicia is not far from France. And because I loved Asterix and Obelix comics as a kid, I made a quick reference to the Celtic´s Asterix and Obelix who was the last Gaul village standing up to Julius Ceasar, being super strong from drinking the druids secret soup.

I then mention to a friend on Facebook who lives in Scotland, that we can’t just talk football and Guidetti, we must read something about the Galiciens history, the town of Vigo in Galicia. Later I read that the same friend in Scotland who voted for Scotland to be free from England, that his mother and maybe his father as well , we’re actually Irish.

For a reason I have no idea of how it came into my news “feed”, I read that the lost tribe of Dan in Israel,  was suggested to be Irish celts. And so i made a reference to the fact that Galicia is a former Celtic region. Now, as I read the article about the Israel lost tribe of Dan, and people commenting in a Irish online newspaper/blog feeling proud of being a possible lost tribe of Israel,  and Irland being a very catholic country and people, the Irish commentators seemed to block that tiny short sentence saying the lost tribe of Dan to be the tribe from which Anti-Crist will be born. All according to the old stories in the Torah.

As I this afternoon came out from the community washing room, laundry, I said hello to a neighbour who also had started to wash his laundry earlier, now standing under a Lind tree, I said jokingly: “Hey isnt it a wonderful tree. Smells very nice when blossoming”. ( my surename meaning the lind tree leaf).  He said “Listen. Can you here? My girlfriend made me aware of the bumblebees humming as they fly around in the tree. wonderful isn’t it”. I agreed. And there we stood and I was reminded, reference again, that we stood under the tree were it was at least 20 + dead bumblebees on the ground. Almost biblical.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator graphic designer and cover artist

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