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Urban Sketching, coffee at Café and buying art supplies

Today was one of those nice days when I had some time to relax, do some drawing and sketching and still get some work done during they day.

I decided day before to go to my regular art supply stores: Jordi Art Supplies (konstnärshandel) and in walking distance from each other – Penstore. Both at Hornsgatan Street at Södermalm (in Stockholm, Sweden).

Right after spending some quality time at the stores, I headed over with my bike across the street. Ordered a standard small brew coffe, and because price was more than right, a cardemum bun. Cafe Jiffi at Hornsgatan is surrounded by nice competition and McDonald’s. And surprise is its busy, and should be even more busy. It’s a place that more or less looked the same since I was a teen. And so non-hipster or other trendy-cool. People talk to you. Regular people. Some true characters there.

I took my rucksack, coffee and cardemum bun. Put it down on the yellow painted outdoor tables and benches, and my newly bought Cotmans Water Colour, Studio quality. The white box that came with the half cups of water colour pigments, will be filled with more quality pigments when time is right.

A lady talking to herself and imaginary friends a few yellow tables from me, took her smoke and had a conversation with who ever she felt was there, as well as passers by. She freaked a few off – only to ask: ”Do you like the Beatles?!”.

I left her out of the picture I was drawing, and sketched up in my sketchbook what was around me, in front of me.

It was a great time to relax. I took a photo, and published a few pics on my Instagram. A fellow two tables behind me, helped grabbing a photo of me with my smartphone.

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I grabbed my gear and biked back home to work. Tomorrow will be a big day to draw. Client illustration assignment awaits. Moving to my digital world, laptop and desktop monitors, and my fav wacom tablet.

Enjoy your creative day.

Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator and artist

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