Music while working with my drawings

Drawing by yours truly, Stefan Lindblad, made for a speed paiinging video. View the drawing, illustration coming to live here 


I´m an artist, illustrator and deasigner. Nothing new. And I often, but not always, listen to music while drawing. After Mia and my walk with our wonderful dog Bella this morning, I sit an draw now, for a few hours. With drawings for my coming book with drawings. And why would it be wrong with Ed Sheeran ”Thinking out load” in the bakground. Not at all actually.

Singer, artist Sam Smith is a new discovery to me, at least to actually get a name behind the song. I know I have heard his music, but never cought his name. Her in his brilliant ”I´m not alone”. What a great song. I am a romantic softy, admit. So hearing this wonderful tune, I just come to think about my love, the woman in my life, Mia. A song that instantly cought my emotions. I heard that great song, in the great James Bond movie Spectre, a song I didn´tn catch who had written. Of course I was going to say, it is the said Sam Smith.

This morning the wonderful singer songwriter Eva Dahlgren, who have written so many Swedish classics, most swedes have heard at least one time in their lifes, said on the TV morning show, that when she writes, compose music and lyrics, she compose in pictures first. Interesting comment.

Just goes to show, that images and music are so closely connected. I listen to music, and see pictures, stories, words – inspiration comes from many places. Just like life is.

Talking james Bond – Adele, is one of those great singer songwriters, artists that keeps on giving. So many others I easily could sit and name drop the whole day. But, it´s time to draw those drawings.

But before that, here, enjoy, Sam Smith´s Bond tune ”Writings on the wall” and the ever cool and almost out-wordly James Bond tune ”Skyfall” by and with Adele. A tune that is so ”James Bond”. Brilliant! Skyfall soundtrack is a soundtrack I keep on coming back to, to listen to while I work. Some of the music came back with ”Spectre”.

Have a great inspirational day, wherever you are.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer & artist


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