New Book Razzia now released

Finally, the new book “Razzia”, published by Hegas Publishing House in Sweden, came out. Click here to be taken directly to the book on their website>>

I made the cover illustration and the cover itself, and 9 additional illustrations, black and white inside the book. It was again a fun illustration assignment. Thank you Hegas for the illustration assignment. Leif Jacobsen, the author wrote a text I immediately found easy to illustrate. Hopefully you will all like it. Its in Swedish though… The book is targeted toward kids of 11 years and older, but I think even slightly younger kids could read it as well. A Swedish daily newspaper in South of Sweden “Skånskan” wrote about Leif the author, read more>

Quote from a Swedish review critic & a school librarian:
With youthful current talk of today, seasoned with the technicalities of the trimmed two-stroke engines mysterious realm, with enough realism to make the story probable, and with a lot of conciliatory humor the author successfully and certainly will catch even novice readers and get them to smile in recognition. The dozen expressive, full page, ink drawings by Stefan Lindblad surely brightens up the portrayal, description. Books of this kind will hopefully lead to more read of more advanced literature. – Bo Nordstrand, at BTJ

“This is a book that will fit many students, and with an attractive cover as well. This one I will buy several several items of to the school library. ” –Lisbeth Göransson, librarian, Kirseberg School in Malmö, Sweden

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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