Peter O´Donnell – the man who Created Modesty Blaise

I read and loved Modesty Blaise as a toddler and onwards. In Sweden all Modesty Blaise came to be published in albums as well as a classic comic compilation called “Agent X9”. It still excist and is continously publishing great crime & agent comics/graphic novels such as Modesty Blaise. For example Rip Kirby.

Peter O´Donnell as well as Jim Holdaway the original illustrator, and yes the current illustrator Enrique Badía Romero would all three have been fun to meet. At one time 1-2 years ago I was just about to meet Romero to at least shake his hand, at a comics gallery in Stockholm, Sweden exhibiting his works. No I dont know him and he have never met me, I´m a stranger to him, but equally would had been nice to simply say “thank you all for the joy”. But the distress in the airline traffic that hit us all made it impossible for Romero to show up the day for the vernissage.
Jim Holdaway passed away according to Wikipedia in 1970 and Peter O´Donnel passed away the 3rd of May 2010. Romero is still drawing Modesty Blaise as I understands it.

While searhing the net I came about the official website for Modesty Blaise. Do take a look at it and read Peter O´Donnels own words about Modesty B.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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